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Lugh Lámhfhada


A mix of songs for Lugh of the Long Arm.

1: Short Change Hero, by The Heavy

2: Gold Lion, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

3: Ancient Hero OcRemix, by Drakesword

4: Another Bag of Bricks (Acoustic), by Flogging Molly

5: Slingshot, by Gaelic Storm

6: Break Your Boss Drone Again, by Wolfstone

7: Get Busy Living, by Goldfish feat. Emily Bruce

8: Below my Feet, by Mumford and Sons

“ I like storms. They let me know that even the sky screams too. ”

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blacksmith & forge: by me


Three of the four oldest authentic harps to survive are of Gaelic provenance: the Trinity College Harp preserved in Trinity College Dublin, and the Queen Mary Harp and the Lamont Harp in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

The last two are examples of the small low-headed harp, and are both made from hornbeam, a wood not native to Scotland. All three are dated approximately to the 15th century and may have been made in Argyll in South-West Scotland.

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Omg I started these too long ago. I’ve been trying to design these little medallions (I don’t feelike ‘sigil’ is the right word) for the gods I regularly welcome into my home, but so far these are the only three to work out. They’re about an inch and a half across. 

Left to right: Lugh: Cauldron and spear, and the spear is the ogham glyph for L.

As Of Yet Unnamed Lady Whose Identity Eludes Me: a pinecone surrounded by white leaves and topped by a star - I first saw her at dusk in an old forest.

Camulos: A bronze knot surrounded with oak leaves, his symbol.

“ Ill am I for this death, for I cannot hear anything through my ears, and I cannot see anything through my eyes, and there is not one pulse living in my heart for the grief of my father. ”

Lugh, upon discovering the death of his father in The Fate of the Children of Turenn



ONCE UPON A TIME: BECOMING A LEGEND. For the common farm boy and the unassuming village girl journeying to the unknown on the backs of their stead. For everybody who is taking their first steps to becoming the heroes of their own journey[listen]

1. Sol Invictus - Audiomachine // 2. True Strength - John Dreamer // 3. Garador’s Flight - Jo Blankenburg // 4. Blackheart - Two Steps From Hell // 5. Departure - Rick Horrocks // 6. Something to Believe In - Epic Score // 7. Reaching - Audiomachine // 8. Opening Day - Auracle Music // 9. Rise Above - Veigar Margeirsson // 10. Rise - John Dreamer